Saturday, 23 October 2010

How does it feel to be a victim of discrimination?

As a descendent of the many victims of discrimination in the post apartheid South Africa, I have found it somehow imperative to write about a plethora of circumstances where I was subjected to discrimination.

A very close friend of mine - white and compassionate, finally found the audacity to make reservations, on how it feels to be discriminated against amid the sensativity of the subject.It became apparent to me that, there are still good white people who bear no hate against people of colour.And for that reason, I will respect him forever more and his courage will remain embedded in my memory for sometime to come.

'Arnold, how does it feel to be seen as a second class citizen all the time or have you ever been subjected to racism'?

I sighed with relief that someone of a different colour had taken the initiative to ask a fellow brother from South Africa.

Racism still exist - even in the United Kingdom and at times it's so institutionalised and complex.All capitalist states - Britain included, are economically stable but racially biased.Racism is a pre-historic phenomenon.For people like Charles Darwin excerbated the plight by writing about the dubious Theory of Evolution.The theory's core philosophy is that white people are the epitome of human existence - because they have reached a full circle of evolution.But spare me a moment!If his theory was correct, why then has evolution of other races stopped developing.

In the meantime, Africa produces three quarters of the world's platinum,diamond,gold, and coal but still remains in economic limbo.Boffins and academics from renowned universities, will tell you that African leaders are corrupt.Yes to a certain extent i agree but who instigates all this?Capitalist states.These states have 90% of their country's companies exploring in Africa.How do they get the mining concessions?I suppose it's a subject for another day.

All second hand cars and electronic equipment are shipped to africa under the disguise of foreign trade.But if these cars and computers are not good for European states why should they be dispensed to Africans.

Therefore, racism and discrimination will live with us , for as long there is no equality between the rich and poor nations.

As an former exponent of the university of Winchester, I experienced discrimination almost every day but could do nothing about it.

There are underlying causes as to why the human race behaves the way they do.

to be continued

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